What is self-development and how does it apply to me and you?


/self ˈdəˈveləpmənt/


1. The process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed. (from Oxford)

2. Learning new skills. Overcoming bad habits. (

Simple, right?  Self-development is a choice: my choice, your choice.  Easy to do; easy not to do.  What happens if you choose not to self-develop?  

Before you answer this question, keep in mind – no action is an action.  No choice is a choice.  Think about this…what if you choose not to develop your abilities, your skills, your character?  What happens if you choose not to overcome bad habits?

Have you heard of entropy? 




1.     Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. (from Oxford)

Synonyms for entropy:

Break up, collapse, decay, decline, degeneration, destruction, worsening

Falling apart!  Yikes!!  I certainly do not want this.  I choose self-development all the way.  What are you choosing?  In my experience, if I do not make a conscious choice to self-develop, I always end with a decline.  Falling apart!  I’ve experienced this in my life before and it’s no fun.  It’s miserable, to say the least.  I bet you could say the same.  When we are not intentional with our actions, then our results are subject to chance and any success is simply accidental.  What a difficult way to live.  I choose self-development, period.  I think about this often – things improve when I improve.  Do you understand that statement?  Your life will improve when you choose to improve yourself; your character, your skills, your behaviors.  This equation never fails.  

“In this world, you’re either growing or

you’re dying so get in motion and grow!”

~ Lou Holtz

I love great quotes!  When seeking expert counsel to improve areas in your life, these quotes from experts can be motivating and life-changing.  This quote defines self-development quite well, wouldn’t you agree?

My secret has always been to seek expert counsel – search for successful people in the areas that you want to grow and develop in, and, are you ready for this?  Copy, copy, copy!

Lou Holtz is expert counsel and he is telling me (and you) exactly what to do.  Exactly!  

I would like to share with you my definition of self-development and how I reinforce this idea of growing on a daily basis in the form of an affirmation statement.  I say this statement out loud, and with lots of emotion, multiple times every single day.  Every day!  This is me convincing me because I am not done growing, learning and improving my life in every way I can.  

Here’s my affirmation (feel free to use it!):

I am working on becoming a better me.

A new and improved and better me.

Better today than yesterday.

Better tomorrow than today.

I am always learning.

I am always growing.

I am always bringing good things – VERY GOOD THINGS – into my world.

I am!  Always! Always! Always!

Again, I repeat this affirmation multiple times a day, out loud and with lots of emotion.  There is a reason I do it repeatedly and with emotion (I sought expert counsel) and I will continue to say this affirmation as I am always striving for improvement, always.  Remember, you’re either growing (self-development) or you’re dying (entropy)!  The choice is yours!

So, how do I make practical use of self-development in my own life?  What’s my strategy?  Simple….

For example, I received an email from Dr. Josh Axe.  Dr. Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and Clinical Nutritionist with a passion to help people eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. In 2008, he started a functional medicine center in Nashville, which grew to become one of the most renowned clinics in the world.


This sounds like “Expert Counsel” to me!

This email offered an article titled, “Self-Care Checklist:  20+ Proven Options to Build Your Perfect Plan.”

Remember:  Seek expert counsel.  What can I do to always learn, to always grow?  Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today.

WOW!  I’m interested!  Please tell me more!

Here is the link to the article:


I encourage you to read the article to get the full understanding (it will take you 10 minutes tops), but I listed the checklist topics here to show you just how self-development works, especially when hand-delivered (or email delivered) to your inbox!  Keep in mind, the goal is not to incorporate all of these things into your life too fast as you will create a high probability that you won’t do anything, and nothing changes.  Identify a few that you want to work on and start there.  Start small.  Do simple first!  Here’s the list…



Self-Care Checklist:

By Dr. Josh Axe


Physical Health

1. Get enough sleep

2. Exercise daily

3. Eat a well-balanced diet

4. Support your gut

5. Boost immune function

Social Health

1. Engage in face-to-face interactions

2. Nurture your relationships

3. Practice small acts of kindness

4. Send notes and messages to loved ones

5. Get involved in the community

Mental and Emotional Health

1. Read an inspiring book

2. Limit time on social media

3. Use technology wisely

4. Spend time outdoors

5. Find an emotional outlet

   Spiritual Health

1. Take time for healing prayer or meditation

2. Practice visualization

3. Read spiritually-uplifting books

4. Get involved

Environmental Health

1. Spend time earthing

2. Declutter your home

3. Use toxic-free cleansers

4. Reduce your carbon footprint

Notice how Dr. Axe broke this checklist down into the physical, social, mental, spiritual and environmental health areas of one’s life.  You may have great physical health but struggle in the social or spiritual areas.  Focus your attention on the areas that you need to improve on and start there.  

I like to focus on 5 key areas of one’s life:  Passion, Health, Love, Abundance, and Joy. A checklist can be created with these areas in mind (copy from the above list or create your own options) and get to work!

I still encourage you to read the article for yourself and take from it what resonates with you.  This behavior and these options listed in this checklist are self-development steps that are easy to do (and easy not to do).  Remember, this is a choice!  You must choose.

For me, I am working on everything offered in the article.  Some items I can grade high in my life, others I have to grade low because there are some areas I can improve upon.  (Note:  I encourage you to look in the mirror, humble yourself (very important), and assess your life – top to bottom).  Do this to identify areas in your life that can be improved.  Do not beat yourself up over what you discover – be kind to yourself.  This is a learning and growing opportunity!

Remember, I am working on a better me!  Every single day!  You can do the same.  Use this list as a starting point.  Find expert counsel like Dr. Josh Axe and copy, copy, copy!

You can choose entropy, or you can choose growth.  I CHOOSE GROWTH!  My choice.  Will you join me?

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

~ Jim Rohn

Healingtakes time, and—so does—not healing.

Chose—how you spend your time —wisely.’

                                    ~ Lalah Delia


“Those who seek a better life must 

first become a better person.”

                                    ~ Jim Rohn


I live by these quotes.  Today – one day at a time.  This is me improving me.  Will you join me?  Right now, let’s begin.  There’s so much more to come, I promise!


Thank you.

        Jim Shorkey


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